5 Reasons Why Samsung is Popular in Germany

Apple and Samsung are easily the most popular brands globally, and these are the two most popular smartphones you will find among users in Germany. If you live in Germany or plan to visit the country, don’t be surprised by the number of people you will see using Samsung smartphones. You will find other smartphone brands, but the Germans have grown accustomed to the Samsungs for apparent reasons.

In Germany, you can learn more about the smartphones and plans available in the country from customer reviews on de.collected.reviews. On Platforms like Freenet Mobile, you can buy and detect why Germans prefer Samsung over other brands like Apple, Huawei, Techno, and other popular brands. And from these reviews, we have been able to point out the following reasons why you will find the Samsung brand popular when you visit Germany.

1.It’s Android Platform

Apple and Samsung are the top smartphone brands globally, but Germans seem to prefer Samsung because of its Android platform. The android operating system makes it more flexible to use the smartphone and can connect easily with other smartphone users on the android platform. Although they are both high-end smartphones, android devices have more flexibility than Apple devices. With Apple devices, it is difficult for people to share images and multimedia items on their phones with others, which is one of the turnoffs for Germans.

2.There are lots of apps for Samsung users

German’s love using many apps that are easily accessible on Android devices, but you can’t find those apps for free on Apple. This is because Android is open-source, and developers have access to develop apps that have become useful. You can find more accessible and affordable apps on Android, which is the operating system on Samsung than you would on Apple devices. And Germans are a technology-aware set of people who want to take advantage of the creativity of developers, and this will encourage them to use Samsung with its android platforms that offer developers to create more apps.

3.The ability to develop apps and tweak their devices

Being technologically advanced, Germans prefer a standard device that will enable them to be creative and tweak their devices. Samsung has enough ROM for operating apps that will take enough space in the device. In addition, the Samsung devices can handle huge apps, which will not affect the phone’s performance. Gamers, photographers, and other users who will require high usage can use Samsung effectively without slowing down or shutting down the phone.

4.Affordability and functional features

Another viable reason that German prefers the Samsung brand over Apple and other top mobile brands are that they are affordable with excellent functions. Although Apple products are exclusive, you will find that you can perform most of the action on a Samsung smartphone. They are wonderful devices performing tasks efficiently without lagging, which makes them perfect for their prices.

5.Samsung is a trusted brand.

Germans have grown confident in the Samsung brand over the years. They have come to trust the brand as they keep updating their products. Samsung is a household name in the technology market, and Germany is one of its biggest markets. The Germans are the kind that sticks to trusted brands, and this trust has been established over the years that it will be difficult for most of them to consider other brands.

Now, you can understand the Germans and their love for Samsung over other brands by learning from the review on popular review platforms. You can also find reliable shops online to shop for Samsung and other brands based on the information you gather from these reviews.